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Buying or Sellng a Used Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair?

Top things to consider:

1 - Be sure you have tested the device with batteries that have a good charge. Never buy a scooter or wheelchair with dead batteries!

2 - Be sure to take the device on at least a 2 mile ride (bad motors may heat up and stop).

3 - Check to see if there is still an active warranty (device may have also have an extended warranty).

4 - How old are the batteries? Smaller 12 Volt 12 Amp batteries last a year to 2 years. Larger batteries can last up to 4 years. Manufacturer battery warranties are normally 6 months.

More mobility scooter and electric wheelchair inspection information below ...


How or where can I sell my power wheelchair or mobility scooter?
Most people try to sell their pre-owned electric wheelchair or mobility scooter by listing it on sites like Craigs List, eBay or they donate it to a veterans group or hospital. You may have already attempted to sell your used mobility device on eBay or Craigs List and have had no luck. That's because there have been large number of used devices on the market for years now, so many people just end up donating it.

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Mobility Scooter and Electric wheelchair Inspection

Inspection times can be daily, weekly, monthly by the user and yearly for important components of the mobility scooter or electric wheelchair at a service shop.


Inspect battery terminals every few months for signs of corrosion. Only remove corrosion only after the battery is disconnected. You can use mixture of baking soda and water (dry off when done) or a wire brush. You should also check the cables.


Wheels should not be vibrating or wobbling while the device is moving at normal speeds. With the scooter or wheelchair in neutral, check the wheels by lifting the device and spin the wheels to make sure they have no drag and do not wobble.

Wheels and Tires

Examine treads on a monthly basis. The should not be worn down to less than 1/32 inch. If so, look at replacing the tires. Check inflatable tires pressure weekly (normally 30-35 PSI, check owner’s manual). No need to check flat free tires. Check tire damage like objects in the tires, discoloration, punctures or cracks daily.

Other Components

Check all levers and cable to make sure they are all secure and adjusted. Check manual for any required lubricants for throttle and brake cables. Be sure nuts and bolts for the device are tight and secure. Check all the fuses on the device. Replace the fuses with the right amperage (check manual).