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Measuring, Sizing and Selecting a Mobility Scooter ...

Please note: If you need additional help please call us at 1-800-996-6575.

Mobility Scooter Measurement and Sizing Guidelines

Measurements are critical for everyday scooter users. Use this guide In order to have a comfortable and functional piece of equipment which will meet all their needs and provide for the best possible results. This guide is by no means is perfect and often there are circumstances which require ignoring the basic rules of thumb for measuring a scooter however this guide is applicable to approximately 90% of the scooter users.

Seat Width

Seat width is usually the width of the user plus 1" to 2".

Seat Depth

Seat depth is usually the seat depth of the user less 1" or 2".

Seat Height

Seat height is usually the height of the user where they are able to access tables and transfer without too much difficulty. In addition, the seat should not be too high so that it cuts off leg circulation.


Some users prefer to have a footrest that is on an angle where the toes are higher than the heel.

Back Height

Back height will vary from user to user but normally should be a little above the middle of the back around the bottom of the shoulder blades.

Note: When a cushion is used, the thickness of the cushion has to be calculated into the measurements for all of these measurements except the seat depth.

Please Use Our Mobility Scooter Guide ...

Selecting the best mobility scooter can be somewhat overwhelming and there are some important factors to consider when choosing the scooter model for the users needs.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many questions that need to be answered before purchasing any mobility scooter.

Please use our quick guide below.

1) What are the physical conditions of the user and can they operate the scooter?
2) Does the user require a 4 wheel mobility scooter for more balance and stability?
3) What is the users height, weight and hip to hip measurements?
4) Does the user need special seating adjustments or options including an elevating seat, headrest or cushion etc.?
5) Where will the user be operating the scooter? (in home, outdoors, shopping, parks, vacations, rough terrain)
6) Will the user need to transport it inside the trunk of a car, SUV, outside a van, truck on a carrier, power lift / hoist?
7) If the user requires a travel mobility scooter can they break down and lift the heaviest piece into the car?
8) Will the user need to climb steep hills, driveways, sidewalks streets and roads?
9) Does the user require a long range mobility scooter and additional battery packs?
10) Will the user need ramps for threshold's, doorways, home entrance and vehicle's?
11) Does the user need a scooter that can be operated by a left handed or one armed person?

As you can see, there are many questions to take into consideration...

We always recommend calling us before you purchase any mobility scooter.

Some Quick Scooter Info ..

• 80% of all scooters we sell are 3 wheeled scooters
• 3 wheel scooters have a shorter turning radius than a 4 wheel
• 4 wheel scooters are more stable than 3 wheel scooters
• Range for scooters is from 8-30 Miles