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IMPORTANT TIME SAVER: If the user already has a wheelchair and is comfortable with the existing chair then take and use those measurements.

PLEASE READ - If you have never purchased a wheelchair / transport chair:

Talk to your doctor first (highly recommended if possible).

Once you have the proper information then buying your chair online can save a significant amount of money.

Basic information to gather before buying a wheelchair / transport chair:

1. How long will the user be in the chair each day?
2. What is the weight of the user (be as accurate as possible then add 10%)?
3. What will be the wheelchair seat width (hip to hip & add 1”-2“), seat depth and seat height?
4. Will the chair be used in a home, office, park or plane?
5. Does the chair need to be placed in a trunk, van, bus or truck?
6. Will you need a wheelchair lift or ramp for a vehicle?

What type of chair will you need?

1. Folding wheelchair / Transport Chair
2. Heavy-Duty Wheelchair / Transport Chair
3. Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair / Transport Chair
4. Standing Wheelchair / Transport Chair
5. Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair / Transport Chair
6. Pediatric Wheelchair / Transport Chair

Wheelchair Measurement and Sizing Guidelines ...

Wheelchair measurements are critical for everyday wheelchair users. Use this guide In order to have a comfortable and functional piece of equipment which will meet all their needs and provide for the best possible results. This guide is by no means is perfect and often there are circumstances which require ignoring the basic rules of thumb for measuring a wheelchair however this guide is applicable to approximately 90% of the wheelchair users.

Seat Width

If you can, have the user sit on a tape measure and take the width measurement from hip to hip keeping the tape measure flat.

Seat width is usually the width of the user plus 1" to 2".

Seat Depth

Seat depth is usually the seat depth of the user less 1" or 2".

Seat Height

Seat height is usually the height of the user where they are able to access tables and transfer without too much difficulty.

Footrest Length

The footrest should be the distance from the back of the knee to bottom of the heel while wearing the shoes the user usually wears.

Back Height

Back height will vary from user to user but normally should be a little above the middle of the back around the bottom of the shoulder blades.

Note: When a wheelchair cushion is used, the thickness of the cushion has to be calculated into the measurements for all of these measurements except the seat depth.

Standard wheelchairs, Lightweight Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs: Transport wheelchairs / chairs are meant for those who need to be pushed to and from their desired location. These wheelchairs come standard with all four small caster type wheels and the chair can be easily folded and stored into most trunks or small spaces for storage.

Standard Wheelchairs

This is the most basic self propelled wheelchair on the market. This manual chair comes standard with more common larger wheels on the back and smaller casters on the front of the wheelchair. Although this is a basic standard chair it does still offer some customizable options such as elevating leg rests and flip back or removable arm rests. The standard wheelchair also folds but weighs more than many transport wheelchairs, with weights starting around 38lbs.

Reclining Wheelchairs

Reclining or tilt wheelchairs are great for users who need more neck or head support along with the option to recline the wheelchair. Many users who spend extended periods of time may need a reclining wheelchair to offer relief from pressure sores and discomfort.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

For users who spend more time in their wheelchair and need it to be lightweight and easy propel this is the choice for you. With a lighter overall weight than a standard wheelchair the user needs less energy and strength to push the chair further or up greater inclines. These lightweight wheelchairs include all the normal customizations such as elevating leg rests, adjustable back and flip back or removable arm rests.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Heavy duty wheelchairs can holdup to 800lbs and seat widths up to 34”. Normally you can find a chair that can accommodate any weight capacity needed.