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4-Wheel Portable Travel Scooters Sale

Shop & Buy Discount Price 4 Wheel Portable Mobility Scooters on Sale. FREE SHIPPING, IN-HOME-SERVICE*, NO-TAX*. Travel Mobility scooters that can be broken down and placed in a vehicles trunk, back seat or SUV's / Van's storage area, from manufacturers like Pride Mobility, Invacare, Drive Medical, Activecare and Shoprider. Sizing Guide

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  1. Luggie Portable Folding Scooter - Standard, Deluxe, Elite

    Luggie Portable Folding Scooter - Standard, Deluxe, Elite
    Discount / Sale
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    (most items arrive 3-7 bus. days)

    Luggie Manual - Compare Models

    Standard Model:

    • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
    • Max Speed: 4.5 mph.
    • Range up to: 11 miles
    • Scooter Weight: 55 lbs.
    • Turning Radius: 35.5"
    • Ground Clearance: 2.5"
    • Seat Width: 18"
    • Battery Specs: 24V - 8.5Ah x 1 (Lithium)
    • Just 2 hours charging time

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  2. Tzora Hummer XL Mobility Scooter

    Tzora Hummer XL Mobility Scooter
    Discount / Sale
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    (most items arrive 3-7 bus. days)

    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
    • Max Speed: 7.5 mph
    • Range up to: 15 miles
    • Scooter Weight: 158.7 lbs.
    • Weight Heaviest Piece: 59.5 lbs.
    • Turning Radius: 47.2"
    • Ground Clearance: 5"
    • Seat Width: W 22" x D 18.5"
    • Battery Specs: 12V - 26Ah x 2
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*(no tax outside CO) *(in-home service most scooters)

What is a 4 wheel portable mobility scooter?

In short, portable mobility scooters are easy to break down, smaller, lighter and designed to be transported with the least amount of effort.

Scooter Assembly / Dis-assembly: Portable mobility scooters are designed to disassemble and assemble quickly and easily.

Transportable Scooters: These are scooters that are designed and good for transport in vans, trucks, RV's SUV's, car's / auto's trunk or back seat. Portable mobility scooters are also good when used to go shopping at stores and malls.

Air-Travel Scooters: Perfect scooters when you travel on jet planes, airliners / airplanes.

Vacation Scooters: Its also very common to take them on ocean liners, vacations and trips.

How do I select the best portable mobility scooter?

Selecting the best portable mobility scooter can be somewhat overwhelming and there are some important factors to consider when choosing the scooter model for the users needs.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many questions that need to be answered before purchasing any portable mobility scooter.

Please use our quick guide below.

1) What are the physical conditions of the user and can they operate the scooter?
2) Does the user require a 3 wheel travel mobility scooter for a tighter turning radius?
3) What is the users height, weight and hip to hip measurements?
4) Does the user need special seating adjustments or options including an elevating seat, headrest or cushion etc.?
5) Where will the user be operating the scooter? (in home, outdoors, shopping, parks, vacations, rough terrain)
6) Will the user need to transport it inside the trunk of a car, SUV, outside a van, truck on a carrier, power lift / hoist?
7) If the user requires a travel mobility scooter can they break it down and lift the heaviest piece into the car?
8) Will the user need to climb steep hills, driveways, sidewalks streets and roads?
9) Does the user require a long range mobility scooter and additional battery packs?
10) Will the user need ramps for threshold's, doorways, home entrance and vehicle's?
11) Does the user need a scooter that can be operated by a left handed or one armed person?

As you can see, there are many questions to take into consideration...

We always recommend calling us before you purchase any portable mobility scooter.

Some Quick Scooter Info ..

How we size the user for the proper scooter seating.We will need the users height and weight. We may also ask for a hip to hip measurement.

• 80% of all scooters we sell are 3 wheeled scooters
• Turning radius for 4 wheel is a bit larger
• Bit more expensive for the 4th wheel (aprox $100 )
• Stability - More stable than a 3 wheel
• Range 8-12 Miles

More Info on 4 Wheel Portable Mobility Scooters ... Four wheel travel scooters are perfect for anyone who needs the comfort of a larger scooter without sacrificing the maneuverability needed to get through tight spaces. With weight capacities 90 lbs, 100 lbs, 150 lbs, 175 lbs, 200 lbs, 250 lbs, 300 lbs & 350 lbs. Some of the four wheeled travel scooters also come with upgraded batteries and ranges up to 25 miles.

Portable scooters are also great for electric shopping carts if you get a large basket. They are also perfect for malls, stores, casinos, vacations, around town (with good sidewalks). Travel scooters have smaller wheels so they do not get around well on thick grass, muddy ground or rough terrains. Most travel scooters have swivel seats.

Scooter Charging: The scooter is charged during the night for use during the day. The scooters can also be charged in you vehicle with a mobile charger.

Scooter Stability: 4 wheel scooters can give you more balance but do have a wider turning radius than a 3 wheeled scooter.

View 4 wheel travel scooters

View folding travel scooters

We Supply Scooter Brands like Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Shoprider, Invcare, Activecare, Pacesaver, Merits.

Some of our best selling 4 wheel portable mobility scooter models: Pride Mobility - Go-Go Elite Scooter, Go-Go Ultra X Scooter, Go-Go Elite Plus Traveller Scooter. Drive Medical - Falcon, Phoenix. Shoprider - Echo, Scootie, Start, Dasher, Sunrunner. Zip'r - Zip'r Roo, Zip'r Traveler.